Introduction Email to Applicants


Email this to Applicants if you are TOO busy. Have them call you back and text you when ready to move forward with REGISTRATION.  Copy everything you see below this line, including the picture. Copy and Send.  It's that Easy. 

Welcome  and Congratulations
Instant Rewards, a leading marketing company, and has created this ground-breaking system to help our agents promote top companies and earn high commissions. This helps make marketing easier and simpler to navigate. Our system is user friendly and uncomplicated, thus making it appealing to lead generation. We have revolutionized this process and made it unlike any other system available today. Instant Rewards works as a middle man between advertisers and their potential customers. Credit, Blockbuster, Walmart, DISNEY, Gamefly and several other major corporations are all represented through Instant Rewards. Instant Rewards pays out daily, directly through the options of PayPal or Direct Bank Transfer. This innovative system will allow you to automate your marketing process and help you generate income with ease. Our company lets you access a large collection of professionally designed training material. Lead generation and marketing has never been easier. Now, you can get started TODAY and start earning money within 24 hours.


You’re ready to make some serious CASH, so now you need to register with Instant Rewards (the network we work with) and go through the same process we all go through (myself included) to become agents. This part of the process should only take about 20 minutes tops. 

 Instant Rewards Presentation 

Proof Video

Call us back when done watching the Videos, and we will move forward with the next step in Registration. You have 1 hour to call us back and secure your spot or we cannot enroll or Train you moving forward. Filing Spots Only Today!  

Need further Proof?  There is a bonus video below from our Team Leader, Keith C. Johnson.
Watch this video as he take you on a journey through Instant Rewards,
Discover Payment Receipts, our Facebook Community, & More....


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