This page has all of the objections of what the prospect might say about the company or if they are skeptical, as well as the responses you want to use towards any questions or statement from the prospect. Just say these with a friendly tone.  

Prospect: Is this is pyramid scheme?
Your Answer: You mean like 1 of those things where the CEO sits at the top making all the real money and pays the supervisors and managers living wages while the real workers at the bottom works 40-70 hours a week minimum wage?
Absolutely not. If it was, I would have never joined.
MCA pays its recruiters a 200% commission. Meaning when you make TVC Matrix money they get paid $40 dollars and we get paid $80-$150 dollars, pyramid scheme not at all those things are illegal in America.

Prospect: Why I have to pay money?
Your Answer: The reason it cost money is because when you join MCA, you’re going to be getting 10%-60% savings and discounts on your Auto, Life, Legal, Health, Vacation, and Traveling cost.
The fee is for you to become a member of MCA. You have to be a member to become a recruiter for the position, but don’t worry about that once you start recruiting the money you make from that will pay for your membership fee’s every month.

Prospect: Sounds like a scam to me/Sounds too good to be true.
Your Answer: I agree with how your feeling. I used to feel the same way, but after I did my research on the company I found out that it was 100% legit. If you like, I would be glad to prove it to you right now that the company is 100% legit. Visit YouTube right now while I’m on the phone with you, and see for yourself. Type in MCA Proof.

Prospect: I’ve seen Ethan Vanderbuilt’s video saying that it’s a scam.
Your Answer: *LOL* Let me tell you something about Ethan.
Ethan Vanderbuilt is just a close minded individual who loves to say any and all companies like MCA are scams. Why? Simply because he just loves to get views on his YouTube Channel. Now don’t get me wrong, with some of the companies, he may be right, but MCA is not a scam. If it was, I would’ve never joined and I would’ve never gotten paid. Just like you, I did my research and asked many questions before joining MCA was even conjured up in my mind.
So now let me ask you this. Who would you rather listen to? Someone who loves to state that companies like MCA is a scam or a pyramid scheme, or someone who made videos showing the world that they got paid by MCA and proves that it’s 100% legit? Don’t worry, I’ll wait… *Jeopardy theme song*

Prospect: I’m skeptical about joining/I don’t know if I’ll be able to make money.
Your Answer: What if I told you we have a system that could pretty much guarantee you success? If you follow through with our training, if you follow through with our scripts, if you follow through with learning your elevator pitch, I can guarantee you success all I’m going to need from you is to take your training seriously. What would you say to that?

Prospect: I got to think about it.
Your Answer: Ok so let me ask you a question. Let’s say 2-6 months go by, you’re still in the same predicament as you are in today. How would you feel?
After they answer, you answer: Ok, now let me ask you this. How would you feel if you join us today, got trained up in a week, and the following week you are able to make $500-$1,000 dollars because I know you’re going to take your training seriously. How would you feel?

Prospect: I don’t have the time to talk right now.
Your Answer: And that is exactly why I called so we can get you more time. Aren’t you tired of not having time to do the things you want in life?

Prospect: I’m not good with talking to people. I’m shy.
Your Answer: That’s what everybody says in the beginning. I was the same exact way when I 1st started out. Trust me, if I can change, so can you. We have training that literally holds your hand every step of the way, and will teach you to be the best people person you can be. Just give it 1 shot. What do you have to lose? 

Prospect: I have to talk to my wife/girlfriend/mom/dad/brother/friend.
Your Answer: If your ____ is anything like my ____, they’ll support anything you support. They’re not going to tell you no. Being able to save 10%- 60% on your daily cost, and being able to make an extra $400-$800 a week in your spare time, doesn't the ideal at least sound good? 

Prospect: Yes it does. *Go back to the sale.*

Prospect: I just don’t want to use my credit card to pay $40 dollars online.
Your Answer: Everybody feels that way at first. I agree with how you feel, and I would add on to that you’re going to be saving 10%-60% on your daily cost, and this is why the membership cost $40 dollars. Look at the bright side, you’ll get a lot of coverage for you and your family, and also be able to make money in the process.

Prospect: I don’t know about paying $40 dollars.
Your Answer: Ok let me ask you a question. What’s more important to you, $40 dollars, or making sure you have the potential to make $1,000 a week and spend your time doing the things you want to do, and not what some job boss owner wants you to do?
When they answer, you answer: if you’re going to base your decision off of $40 bucks, you will never be able to make a good substantial income ever in your life time, and I’m sure you and your family deserves better.

Prospect: Sales and recruiting is not for me.
Your Answer: Everybody says that at 1st. I said the same thing when I first got started, so I understand how you feel, and then I asked myself this question
I asked myself do I want to live in the middle class for the rest of my life? 76% of the middle class lives paycheck to paycheck. 1 of the only ways to get out of the middle class is by becoming a salesman.
We have training that literally holds your hand step by step, until you become the best recruiter you can be. Now I’m asking you that same question. Do you want to live in the middle class for the rest of your life?

Prospect: I’m not sure about it yet.
Your Answer: Ok. I hear what you’re saying, and don’t you think it’s time you and your family finally live the life that you deserve? Wouldn’t it be great to work less, spend more time doing the things you enjoy, and make more money? Wouldn’t an extra $400-$800 a week or more help the situation you’re in now?

Whatever they say, do whatever you must to get back on the line. They may have more questions, and that’s why it’s best that you know the company, the compensation plan and how this helped you and share your success story with them if you must.

You: Now let me ask you a question. Do you see this being helpful for you in building a substantial income?

Prospect answers with
          Yes: Great. Let’s get you started.
No: Ok. Tell me why prospects first name.
Maybe: Wait a second. You mean to tell me if I gave you the training methods that gave you much traffic to your business, and having the best things to say to everyone, and you start making hundreds, or even thousands or dollars in MCA, you would just jump right into this program, right?

If they say yes after they said maybe and you ask them the question
You: Obviously you don’t know me. You just met me. Let me reintroduce myself. My name is your full name. I’m a representative of Motor Club of America, more commonly known as MCA. I pride myself on helping my clients get the best possible results.
I’ve been in this company for 2 solid years and I plan on helping as many people as possible on making money in this program by getting my clients the exact result that they want. My business is of referrals.
And as far as our company goes, we provide helpful products that is available to you on a daily basis, as well as a compensation plan that will get you paid weekly, all in an easy payment of $40 to get started and $20 each month after that.
We have the best training and all the support you will ever need to succeed in MCA. We will literally hold your hand every step of the way, until you are successful in this company. If you take our training seriously, then I know that you can succeed with us. What do you have to lose?
Prospect: I got nothing to lose.

You: You’re right. You got nothing to lose. And honestly, let me ask you a question, prospects first name. What’s the worst that can happen? Let’s say you sign up in this program, and I’m totally wrong, let’s say I prove to be an incompetent fool, what’s the worst that can possibly happen? Let’s say that you spend the $40 to join, is that really going to put you in the poor house? Especially since you can always cancel your account at anytime, just in case you don’t see this helpful for you? Honestly.
Prospect: No, not really.

You: No, it’s not going to make you a poor man/woman. But on the upside, what we do for all of our new reps is that we train them with the right material right away and we take this one step at a time. We never ask our reps to do so much so soon. That’s only fair, right?
Prospect: Right. That sounds fair.

You: Now prospects first name, all I ask is this. Give me 1 shot. You give me just 1 shot here, and if I’m even half right, believe me, the only problem you’ll have is that I didn’t call you 6 months ago, and get you started then. Sound fair enough?
Prospect answers with
          Yes: *Sign them up*
          No: Sounds to me that this not for you. *Hang up*

*****END SCRIPT*****
Now you either got a sale or you don’t. Just remember, you can’t close with EVERYONE. There will be some people that will be just TOO close minded for them to see the benefits of being in this company, and there will be some that won’t even want to hear anything about this or any other company at all, because they’re just too weak minded. But for those who DOES see the benefits and want to join, make sure you give them the same training methods you have that made you successful.

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