Sales Secrets: Understanding Rejection

Sales Secrets: Understanding Rejection

The first sales secret I want to share with you is... there are no secrets. If
you're new to Instant Rewards and you haven't signed up your first referral—or made
your first completion—just know this: IT'S NOT YOU. You're still learning your
presentation and trying to "learn your way around" but it really doesn't have anything to
do with you.

It's your job to educate your prospect as to what THEY will be doing. It is NOT
your job to "explain" to them what it is that you do at Instant Rewards. What THEY will be
doing is watching your presentation when they go to your lead capture page, or they
click on the registration link in the confirmation email your autoresponder sends them.
Let the orientation video do all the talking for you, or you'll be so hoarse by the
10th call you can't talk. And after 10 calls at 15 minutes to an hour apiece, you've
wasted the whole day—UNPRODUCTIVELY—and not made a nickel.
Studies have shown that rejection is so agonizing for some people that they actually
experience physical pain. Some people are so upset with rejection that they get
nauseous at the thought of talking to people on the phone.

REMEMBER: do this business right, and you DO NOT have to cold call. Get the calls
coming inbound to you and STAY IN CONTROL.
They're the ones looking for a job, or an extra income, not you.
More than eighty-five percent of all sales people miss their quotas, if they even bother
setting them. If your sponsor didn't teach you how to handle this experience, you'll
probably get frustrated and want to quit.
This is one of the reasons for high turnover in this industry because people are sold a
"bill of goods" about a "shiny object" that's too good to be true.
However, it is true:
You CAN work from home,
You CAN set your own schedule,
You CAN make as much money as you want, and
You CAN take a vacation anytime you want to...

...if you just learn the right steps.
REMEMBER: I said at the beginning... there ARE NO SECRETS. Just ask the leaders
in this company.
After spending more than 38 years in sales, salespeople and sales organizations—
even many of you—have asked me hundreds of times about this phenomenon and how
to "fix" it. You're NEVER going to "fix" it. Rejection doesn't get fixed. It is never
eliminated. Rejection will ALWAYS be a part of the marketing equation. It's just human

JUST THINK: How many times do people come to your lead capture page only to
bail? I get over 1,000 unique visitors (UV) to my capture pages, but not all of them opt in.
Many of them bounce. It's not me. It's not you. And it's not the capture page.
It's the person sitting on the human side of your capture page who is not sure of 
themselves, or they don't think they can do this, or they think this can't be real.
The actual cause of rejection is not what you think. They're not rejecting you: 
they're rejecting the idea that they could actually do this, too.

Rejection is experienced by those who are too dependent upon too few outcomes. You
experience a sense of loss and then incorrectly target that one prospect who let you 
down. It could be a friend, or a contact on Facebook, or someone who answered one of 
your ads. Your desperation seeps through your emails, your PM's and phone calls like 
someone starving for a glass of water or a piece of stale bread.
It makes you want to roll up on the floor into the fetal position and start crying like a 
high school cheerleader who just got dumped by her boyfriend—the quarterback on the 
football team.

STOP IT! Quit whining. Quit crying. Shake it off and keep moving.
In reality, the issue is that... YOU DON'T HAVE ENOUGH PROSPECTS IN YOUR 

When you experience rejection it's because you've become aware that your business 
model is flawed (or broken) and you don't have enough prospects in your pipeline. The 
solution is to have so much going on that no one disappointment can disappoint you any 
This is the first lesson you must learn, and you must also teach it to your team. 
Stay busy posting ads, taking calls, and always keep your pipeline full.If your finances are so limited that you can only place free ads, 

Then Post a Bunch of them.
Don't just post one or two ads and think you're going to have the 
world beating a path to your door. You may have to post 100-200 ads a day until you can
make enough money to start a campaign with paid ads.
Paid ads will be more targeted and bring in more leads and prospects, but you still 
have to WORK those prospects! This business does NOT run on autopilot. You can get a 
lot of ads running on autopilot, but when your prospects start calling you wanting more 
They-Do-Not-Run on Autopilot. Get on the phone with your prospects. Have your funnel so full each day that if you 
have 100 calls a day, and you only complete 10 or 15 of them, you've had a productive 
day. You can always call the rest of them on a slow day.
If you take 12 calls per hour, you will work approximately 8 or 9 hours a day, minus 
If you don't want to work your business like a workaholic, then work it part time. Work 
one or two hours a day and take 12 to 24 calls in a 1 or 2 hour time frame, and you can 
still make money.
Then on slow days, you can call another dozen or two people back and follow up on 

Because your funnel is full. And as long as you keep your funnel full (or over-flowing) 
you'll always have leads and prospects. And with the right message, you'll always have 
I hope this article has been helpful for you. Don't hesitate to give me some feedback 
on it.

Remember, You are doing the Rejection. Not Them!

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