Sponsor Duties

SPONSOR DUTIES - (we are professional's here to help you and some make a full time living with our business - so we take this as serious as any other person that puts food on their tables)
There is a big misunderstanding in the industry, and we are going to correct it .
Many people think when they get started in a home based business that they are going to be hand held and told what to do each day.
That is not the definition of Free Enterprise, that's what we all call a J-O-B.
The reasons people get started in home based businesses vary.
But one thing is clear, no one signed up to have another boss tell them what to do.
You are going to be responsible for your own actions... after all you are running your very own business. This may be a little bit scary, but you will find that it's quite exciting - and you are not in this by yourself.  
So let’s clarify what your sponsor's responsibilities are:
To support you.
By support we do not mean ordering you around. You are surrounded by people who are like minded, and you will find comfort in this. You will have just enough support to know you are not alone, but not enough to feel like you're at a job. There is a fine balance.
To guide you.
Your sponsor should welcome you to the team, and offer you advice and assistance on getting started with your business. To share all the Team Sites and Company Sites.
Your Sponsor is not there so you can:
Tell pity stories.
Spend hours with you - this can happen but it’s not a requirement - yet some people think it is.
Run your business for you.
Call and check up on you every day.
Hand-hold you.
Your responsibilities include:
Consistently plugging into the extensive systems & websites we have in place.
Continuously be working on yourself. Continuously be learning.
Take reasonable advice when it’s given to you from your sponsor.
Contacting your sponsor if you require assistance.
Some other tips you’ll find helpful:
When you ask for help with something, thank the person who volunteered their time to help you out, You should be grateful for what you have your hands on - and you should be grateful to be working with such a powerful program and a powerful team, If you call or email and do not get an answer right away, you must take the action to get the answers you need.
Some common courtesy guidelines in business to create a long lasting business relationship :
Get to the point quickly during phone conversations.
Respect each others time and their time off.
Be polite, even if you are frustrated.
Be excited when you hear about people's successes, not jealous. Remember, you have the same potential. If you are jealous you are closing off your own prosperity!
Your goal is to market as much as you can on a consistent DAILY basis. Remember - it's a numbers game. The more you market, the more money you will make.
It's as pure and simple as it gets.
More importantly, always remember that response rates (and conversion rates) to any marketing campaign (offline & online) can and will vary from one day/week to the next, you will not experience the exact same response rate, conversion rate or profitability from any 2 campaigns. I trust you’ll take all of the above points into account... and we wish you great success and great long term residual profits over the months and years ahead.

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