5 Minute Script

YOU: Thank You for calling, This is ~Name~, how may I help you?

CALLER:  I was calling about the position...

YOU: Before we officially begin, do you have about 15 minutes for us to conduct a proper interview and also do you have access to a computer and internet at this time to watch a video? If Not, we can re-schedule. We are happy to share information with you. We would just need your undivided attention and a quiet place for us to hear each other.

YOU: Great, i am a national recruiter and trainer for our advertising company and we are still looking for work at home agents.  You need a Computer, a phone, and an active Bank Account for direct deposit. DO you have all (3)?

This is 1099 independent contractor work, ( commission- based ) will that be OK?
You file taxes as a 1099


I want to explain that we have a 3 step process, we do phone interview, then we give you our official website with video information on our company so you can learn even more and research us, and then we get you registered with us.  I am going to ask you a few questions and then share more with you on our position, OK?   So what brings you on craigslist?

CALLER:  unemployed, need extra income, bored, need to pay off debt, whatever,... let them speak

YOU:   Great, so tell me about your work experience in about 30 seconds... you can be brief

CALLER: etc, etc, etc

YOU:  This position allows you to choose your own hours. Will you be doing this part time / full time?

CALLER:  let them answer.....

YOU: Have you worked from home before and if not, what would motivate you now? This is a different position.

CALLER: kids, better future, etc...

YOU:  It is important that we work with individuals that are computer literate, self-motivated, able to problem solve, and have a burning desire to be their own boss. Does all of the above describe you?

YOU: How much money would you like to earn on a weekly basis?

CALLER:  $500 per week is fine...

You: If we could help you do that, and this was the perfect opportunity, how soon could you start?

CALLER: today  :)

YOU: We are an advertising company. Some of our partners include GAMEFLY, NETFLIX, CREDITREPORT.COM

These are the companies that pay our work at home agents.
Our agents work at home, choose their own hours and earn daily pay thru PAYPAL. It is legit.

We are looking for recruiters. Our recruiters use a computer and a phone to build their income.
They place classified job ads online, receive inbound calls, and enroll new members to our network.

You will assist them thru completing an online application and complete trial offers.

When they complete the application and the trials, ie.
netflix, gamefly,etc...

These companies pay out big money for you to give away their online samples online. You will also build a team to do the same.

The more calls you take, the more money you make.
 5 calls per week  = $350 per week
10 calls per week = $700 per week

The more people you help connect to this opportunity,
the more you earn!

They will sit at home and answer calls and make money too.

They will spend about $20 to go through our application trials and they will be QUALIFIED / HIRED!

You will earn
$70 per call.

We need agents who want to be their own boss. Simple job but you must be serious because, we spend our money and time bringing in new members to this amazing system. This will require the same commitment most successful people embrace to make $500-1000 per week like we do.

Does this seem like something you can do?

YOU:  Great, you successfully passed the phone interview part, now what we are going to do now is have you hop on your computer so you can visit our blog. I will remain on the phone with you while you watch a 25 minute video on our website. This will play like an OVER-VIEW.
You will see our introduction video. . It will explain who we are, what we do, the pay and benefits. You will also get a sneak peek of our online community and see a little income proof from our team leader, Keith Johnson. We pay daily through PayPal. 

I will advise you to make sure your volume is loud enough so we can both hear it and after it is over, I will ask you a few questions and allow you to explore the rest of the other videos on your own.

This is our website ===>   example: www.quityourbrokejob.blogspot.com


YOU:  Great, I hear the video ended.

CALLER:  yes, it did

YOU:  What did you enjoy about that video?

CALLER:  let them speak....

YOU:  Are those list of (10 benefits) something you would like to have with this position?

CALLER:  let them speak....

YOU:  Did you understand the video and is this something you can do?  Answer calls and give away trial offers for $70 per signup.

CALLER: let them speak....

YOU:  Great, so i will let you enjoy the rest of the videos on the blog and lets connect back tomorrow so we can move forward.
I will be your assigned coach for INSTANT REWARDS. 
I will also be coaching you through the application as well to make sure you can get started fast and easy. 

What would be a great time to re-connect tomorrow?

CALLER: let them speak....

YOU:  We will touch back them....
We are very busy 
we set 2 appointments...
(1) phone interview
(2) registration

We can't do much follow up so you have to meet each appointment, particularly the last appointment or we have to move you to the bottom of the list or disqualify you. Please be serious, available, and on time.
We will re-connect tomorrow.

Make sure to write information on each call such as

Name + phone number + email
and the appointment time to get back with them.


When call is over...  go to your instant rewards website...
for example:

My site is: www.instantrewardsnetwork.com/megangood77

In the section where it ask for name, email, and phone #,
Put in the applicants information so that the can receive followup emails from our website reminding them of the opportunity :)

Edit the auto-responder as i demonstrate in the VIDEO 
for "Official Script for $500 a week" training tab!

This was the old script: Do Not use This!  But you can read it... for tips and how we use to setup our phone interviews. Walk Down Memory Lane  :)
Use the script above at the top for better results!

My name Is ~blank~,
I am a recruiter for our national advertising company.  ( EMPOWERMENT TEAM )
I would like to ask you some qualification questions.
Do you have a:
1. phone
2. computer
3. bank account 
4. Paypal. - they can set that up later... 1-3 are the most important to join.

If they say, YES, to all 3 .... proceed

YOU WILL Post ads using your home computer, answer inbound calls and read a script and give away free trials from our sponsors like Netflix, Walmart, and GameFly to people that call in.

These Companies are losing money and time every minute of the day someone skips commercials on
Television, Radio, Magazines, or Phone Books.  They are now Paying Home Referral Agents to do their advertising using the Internet and Word-Of-Mouth.  That's why we are here, that's how we get Paid.


You will work at home
pick own hours
Earn Daily Pay thru Paypal
No fee or monthly fee to apply
The Work is Simple 
Company is Public and Legit.

1. What type of experience do you have in customer service?

2. Are you looking for full or part-time?

3. How many hours a week are you available to work?

4. Are you ok with getting paid daily commisions?

5. Do you have a active PayPal account?

6. Do you have High-Speed Internet and have basic computer skills?

7. Why do you want to work from home?

                    **   What would make you a good candidate to work with?  **

You must complete a FREE application and complete between 3-4 free trial offers.
We have some that are Free and Some that are like $1. No Big Deal.
it's part of the qualification process. After Registration, you move on to
ONLINE TRAINING where we connect you to our Facebook group and training site. 
You will meet other stay @ home moms,  college students, etc who build a part-time / full time income with our company. After Training, you can start working from home.
This is a HALLOWEEN PROGRAM.  We answer calls and give away free trial offer treats.

YOU WILL EARN $120 per call.
1 calls per day =   $600 per week or 2,400 per month
2 calls per day = $1,200 per week or 4,800 per month
Does This seem like something you can do?
If they say, YES.... continue reading or thank them for their call.

Take them to your blog and show them the 2 min video:
Direct them to turn up the volume loud so you can hear it on your phone.
When over, ask them these 2 questions:

1. Did you understand the video
2. What did you like about the video

     Instant Rewards Presentation (short version)

Time to watch proof video 3:
Now, have them watch this powerful video that will "sale" them on the position. They will hear from other people like US, who are successful.
Stay on the Phone with them until the video is over.  

Proof Video #3- for skeptics


If you want a guaranteed a spot on my team, I at least need 15 min to pre-register you into the system
and secure your spot.

I don't want to book an appointment for you tomorrow without pre-registering you
because you may not show up and i can lose out on a potential employee when I'm trying to fill
the spot today.

So, If you want this position, I have to pre-register you.
It will take about 15 min. Do you have time?


Have them send their State ID / licence.
No need for social security, or resume, or references, or background, or drug test...like most jobs.

Have them take a pic and email it off their smart phone OR  scan a copy and email it.
Give them 10 min to let them go and have them send their ID to 
===>  Support@InstantRewards.net

Stay on the phone and send them to your blog site.
When they complete registration... you will earn $100.  
Great Job

Entire Process should take 1 hour to close each call.
That's an average of $100 per hour.

3 calls per day is $360 per day.........

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